Host Milano Conversation w/ Tommaso Cardana

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Conversations | 0 comments

From a global perspective, Host Milano, which takes place every two years in Milan, Italy is the foodservice industry’s largest show. Boasting 1345 exhibitors from 43 countries, this year’s Host show, taking place from October 13-17, will welcome over 110,000 visitors to learn about the latest trends in foodservice. Tommaso Cardana, President of Tomson Hospitality in Florida, an incredibly well-respected international distributor, is Host’s United States Ambassador and in my view, the foodservice industry’s international man of mystery. A family man whose work has him navigating multiple continents almost every month, he’s an example of what’s possible with a big dream and willingness to serve. Join Tommaso and I as we learn his story and talk all things Host Milano!


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