“Jason, you KILLED IT! I had high hopes, high expectations and high energy, but nothing could have prepared me for just how incredible you were.”

— Kelly Cain, CEO, SEFA

Whether you need someone to inspire and connect thousands at your conference or energize your team at a company event, Jason’s authenticity of story and framework to generate energy and connection make him a relatable, funny and genuine speaker for your event.

Jason In Action

Power of Relationships

Power of Belief
The Power of Foodservice

T-Shirts, Tears and Barking Dogs – How Covid Opened the Door to Authentic Mental Health Conversations

“I cannot even find the right words to describe how thankful and blown away I am by the positivity and love I felt last night… Thank you Jason Wange for one of the most incredible experiences yet in my journey!”

— Chelsea Stuck, Founder & President at Craeve & Co.

“That was the first time in 18 months that we have had our group together in person and you served up just what was needed, really. Great job!”

— Rory Clark, President, AVANTI

Jason’s Most Requested Events

Keynote Conference Speaking

Conferences are a big deal. Often once per year for organizations and associations, they represent a capstone to the year before, a springboard of vision and hope to the year coming and a unique opportunity for colleagues to come together in person. Jason’s messages all convey the spirit of possibility, positivity and foster an environment for authentic conversation and connection for your team members.

Keynote Conference Speaking
Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

The most memorable events are those where we FEEL something. A natural connector of people and celebrator of all that is good, Jason brings humor and a genuine reflection of the gift of community to energize and bring depth to your special event.

Team Events / Workshops

As a former teacher with an M.A. in education as well as managing owner / partner of a small business, Jason understands the excitement and challenge that comes from building organizations and true teams. Have Jason facilitate vision, energy and empathetic connection for your team with one of his inspiring messages.

Team Events / Workshops:

Jason’s Most Requested Topics

Act Like a Chef: Generating Energy and Connection in Foodservice

Our teams feel drained. Keeping up with the amount of rapid change in foodservice has our teams feeling exhausted and discouraged. Jason will teach your team how to create energy (become the powerplants) in their own lives by taking the same steps a Chef does when planning a meal they are excited about, through dreaming big and providing positive mindset tools to confidently move forward in the creation of those dreams. When done with colleagues, watch your team come together through the sharing of those dreams and encouragement from one another.

The Power of Together

Our organizations are in a unique time. We’re experiencing the Great Resignation, we’re learning how to manage remote working and we’re trying to engage a new group of employees, who many experts are calling, the Loneliest Generation. Studies have demonstrated that employees who feel connected to others at work are more productive, engaged and enjoy their work experience more. Have Jason share what happens when we cultivate positive relationships in life and work.

A Near Life Experience: Embracing Our Mental Health Journey

The current statistics surrounding the state of our mental health, and the lack of understanding how to acknowledge and move forward in health can often feel disheartening. Yet there is plenty of hope. Have Jason share his own mental health journey from fear to incredible energy and the tools your team can use to move forward and maintain mental health in their own lives.

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