Farmer Lee Jones: The Chef’s Garden

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Conversations | 0 comments

Farmer Lee Jones is America’s Farmer, one of the foodservice industry’s greatest ambassadors and many of the best Chef’s in the world simply call him “friend”. His passion to grow the healthiest (and sexiest) vegetables at The Chef’s Garden, Inc. and, along with our friend Chef James Simpson, teach Chef’s how to maximize every bit of those veggies at The Culinary Vegetable Institute have helped make him the most trusted voice in vegetables. He collaborates with Rachael Ray, he keynotes conferences and graduations, he writes books, he is featured in an Award-Winning Documentary titled “Farmer Lee” and he has as much energy as anyone I know. Join Farmer Lee Jones and I for an incredible conversation around resilience, positivity and the difference created through regenerative farming.


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