A Place to CONNECT

We do life together in FB Group, because life is better done together. We are a COMMUNITY of over 1500 foodservice professionals who are committed to remaining HOPEFUL, generating positive energy in our own lives through Positive Psychology (tools we can use), empowering stories and the encouragement of one another so we might live our fullest lives and then support our community by offering that Positivity to those around us!

A Place to be INSPIRED

Story is the great motivator. We inspire through both our conversations with industry leaders and Jason Speaking.

Watch powerful conversations and listen to weekly positivity tips on our Youtube channel. You’ll hear from Founder, Jason Wange and some amazing individuals in the hospitality industry who are changing the game of foodservice.

A place to GROW

A place to GROW

Success Leaves Clues. There are tools available to all of us which when practiced, create real change and real results in our lives. The FSPN is a place to learn Positive Mindset Tools (through the Foodservice Powerplant Framework???) so you can create measurable positive change in your life and career.

As foodservice professionals, our superpower is in taking care of others and making sure they are well fed. Ironically, our greatest shared challenge is in knowing how to take care of and feed ourselves.

But knowing how to take care of ourselves, accomplish our goals, and be the best versions of ourselves isn’t a mystery. In fact, the steps needed to get from where we are to where we want to be are the same steps that a Chef takes when creating an amazing meal.

Let’s talk about what it means to be a Foodservice Powerplant.

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